Multiple agencies fight trailer fire

YUMA, Ariz. - Rural Metro Fire Department responded to a trailer fire in Yuma on Saturday. 

The agency received the call after 7 a.m. and dispatched fire officials to the residence on 39th Street and Foothills Boulevard.
Upon arrival, crews found one trailer burning and another partially on fire. 
According to Charly McMurdie with Rural Metro, firefighters immediately fought the flames because a third trailer began to burn.
McMurdie said the residents affected are being assisted by Red Cross.
Organization officials were on scene helping those in need. 
Furthermore, The Salvation Army provided juice and fruit to the firefighters on scene. 
The Yuma County Sheriff's Office was directing traffic and assisting neighbors as firefighters fought the flames. 
McMurdie also said Yuma Proving Grounds, the Marine Corps Air Station and Yuma Fire Department officials were on scene assisting firefighters as well. 
McMurdie wrote, "All of the agencies worked together to get the fires out. They did a great job." 
This is a developing story and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. 

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