Multiple vehicle rollovers in Somerton reported on Monday

SOMERTON, Ariz. - The Somerton Cocopah Fire Department responded to multiple vehicle rollovers in Somerton on Monday. 

SCFD personnel were sent to the area of County 21st Street and Avenue I at 12:23 p.m. for a single-vehicle rollover. A single male occupant in his early twenties was driving a Chevrolet Silverado. He lost control of the Chevrolet and rolled over. 

He was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center for further evaluation. 

At 2:28 p.m., SCFD personnel were sent to Highway 95 and Avenue H for a two-vehicle collision. Authorities found two vehicles with severe damage that had initially rolled over. 

A white sedan had a single occupant, a woman in her twenties, who suffered severe facial trauma and possible internal injuries. The woman, in critical condition, was transported to YRMC.

The other vehicle was a black sedan with four occupants. The driver, a 28-year-old man, and his passenger, a woman in her twenties, both complained of back pain and were transported to YRMC for further evaluation.

The remaining occupants were two children that were secured in their car seats but were also transported to YRMC for evaluation. 

A witness at the scene said that both vehicles were traveling south on Highway 95 and that the black sedan lost control and collided with the white sedan. The impact of the collision caused the white vehicle to crash into a power pole and then roll over. 


At 3:31 pm SCFD units were dispatched to County 14th Street and Avenue D for a vehicle collision. SCFD personnel arrived and found that it was a small fender bender type accident and no medical attention was required.


At 9:06 pm SCFD units were dispatched to County 11th Street and Avenue G for a single vehicle involved in a rollover. SCFD units arrived and found a white sedan with moderate damage. The only occupant was a 34-year-old male driver who stated that he lost control of the vehicle and rolled.  He was restrained and was complaining of pain to his right hand and body. 


Border Patrol units in the area were first on scene and provided medical aid till the arrival of SCFD. The man was transported to YRMC for further evaluation.


Yuma County Sheriff Office is investigating the accidents. 


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