Mural-A-Month Program 2018

The NexGen Arts Committee Organization

Mural of the Month

Seeking all local artists. We spoke with the NextGen arts committee in Yuma to get info on a massive mural art project that's sure to bring some color into the new year. 

Its called the "NexGen Mural-a-Month Program" and the objective is to get artists of all walks of life the opportunity to showcase their talent by painting murals along side designated properties in Yuma county. 
Next gen is a peer networking organization that connects ambitious individuals to Yuma's unique cultural and social opportunities. All artists who are 18 years or older are eligible to apply. Lia Littlewood of Littlewood fine art and community co-op in Yuma was the first artist chosen to create a mural on the side of MGM design located downtown. Owner Matt Molenar and Lia worked together to create a vision. 

"This is a mural that Matt Molenar and i have been talking about and discussing and designing for a little while now. We got it approved through the city so we were able to have it go for our 2018 first mural of the month. Very surfer, very laid back, very colorful and inviting," said Littlewood.

It should be noted that all muralist will not only get to have their artwork displayed all around town, but they will be compensated for their efforts. A grant given to NexGen by the 'Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma,' is what made this all possible. The next mural is going up behind the Yuma Art Center in February. For more information on how you could be the next muralist of the month, you can email NexGen at or contact Lindsay Benacka with the Yuma Art Center at Lindsay.Benacka@YumaAz.Gov

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