New 2018 driving laws in California and Arizona

With the New Year less than a week away there are some new driving laws set to take effect that you will want to know about whether you’re living in Arizona or California. 


Let's start off with California 2018 laws. 


Similar to drinking and driving it’s illegal to smoke and drive. But beyond that, this does not just go for smoking but also consuming edible marijuana. This applies to the driver and to any of its passengers in the car. If you or anyone in the car is under the influence of marijuana you are breaking this new California law. 


When it comes to ordering an Uber or Lyft we often expect to be in the best hands. The Department of Motor Vehicles agrees. Starting in July, it will be illegal for a ride-hailing driver to have a BAC of 0.04 percent while transporting a ride.


Moving on to Arizona, SB 1080 will prohibit minors from using a phone while driving for their first six months on the road with both a learner's permit and a driver's license. This law takes effect July 2018.


For those who like to cover their license plates, SB 1073 makes it illegal to cover a license plate or use any electronic device that covers the plate from any angle.

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