New Calexico council meets for first time

New Calexico council meets

CALEXICO, Calif. - The new Calexico city council members met on Tuesday for the first time.

New council members Lewis Pacheco, Bill Hodge, and Jesus Escobar met behind closed doors to discuss with council members Maritza Hurtado and Armando Real the many issues facing the city.

“Our last council did not necessarily make certain decisions that probably needed to be made back then one way or another. So, I’m very hopeful that’s basically what we’re going to do here from now on is make some decisions,” Hurtado said.

Hurtado said high on the priority list of Tuesday’s agenda is the police department.

"The previous council had taken steps to ask our administration - our city manager -  to move forward and to request  price quotes from the county of Imperial for services - law enforcement services - for the city of Calexico," Hurtado said.

Council members have said the city can't afford the police department. But Hurtado said things might be different with the new council.

"Absolutely sure we're going to be able to work together and have the very important conversations that we need to have," Hurtado said.

She said the new council is made of problem solvers.

"They're very adamant in solving a lot of things for us and quickly," Hurtado said.

Calexico resident James Beaver said the current police force is doing a good job.

"We have about 18 police officers that are doing the job of maybe 30 or 32," Beaver said.

He would like to see the department remain.

"You want officers that you know, community related, public related - the service. As to contrary bringing officers who are unknown here," Beaver said.

Hurtado made it clear the police department issue is just one of many the new council must tackle on Tuesday’s meeting, together as a new team - one she's already calling a winning team.

"Do a lot of work in putting ourselves together and starting to formulate a true plan," Hurtado concluded.

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