New club makes major impact on local charities

Impact Club Yuma makes major impact...

YUMA,. Ariz. - While the Impact Club Yuma has only been functioning eight months, they’ve already donated thousands of dollars to local charities making a huge impact.

Crossroads Mission was the most recent charity to be awarded $18,200.

Since March of 2017, the Impact Club plans to meet four times a year. A group of 182 members in Yuma gather to make a difference in the community. Each member gives $100 and writes a local charity on a slip of paper.

Three charities are pulled at random from a hat and then each nominated charity gives a five-minute compelling story. Board members vote and the winning charity receives 100 percent of the money raised.

Once a charity wins, they can’t win again for another year and a half.

Myra Garlit, executive director at Crossroads Mission gave a personal story about her grandson’s time spent at the mission and the tragic end to his life. Garlit said story reflects the way Crossroads has made an impact on others lives.

Garlit said the money would go towards the new men’s shelter.

"Collectively as a group we can make a huge impact, you know 18 to 20 thousand dollars is a big check so I've seen it change some charities in pretty big ways,” said Travis Crow, co-founder of Impact Club Yuma.

Crow got the idea to start an Impact Club in Yuma after visiting one of the two original clubs in California.

His goal is to reach 200 members so they can donate $20,000 dollars to a charity every quarter.

If you are interested in joining Impact Club Yuma visit

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