New dog park opens in the Foothills

New dog park opens in the Foothills

FORTUNA FOOTHILLS, Ariz. - Exciting news for dog owners in the Foothills, a new dog park has opened up for you to take your furry best friend.


After years of trying to open up a dog park, Cindy Little Wolf has opened the Fortuna Dog Play and Water Park.


She spent years talking with the county to open up a dog park, but they had other ideas to use open land plots. 


"Basically, we got tired of arguing with the county of trying to get a dog park out here. My kennel manager, Eddie and I, were standing at the fence one day and looked out at the parking lot and thought, you know, we never use it, so let's go for it," Little Wolf said.


They ripped out the asphalt and laid their foundation of grass to be able to open the dog park. 


Little Wolf has been in the dog business for 46 years, and wanted a dog park available to anyone in the Foothills.


"We basically have opened up this dog park in the Foothills for everyone to come in and enjoy. It beats driving 30 miles roundtrip into town to take your dogs," Little Wolf added.


The dog park features a small pool, sprinklers, tires, and plenty of space for dogs to run around. It has a space for the little dogs and a space for bigger dogs. Little Wolf adds that they're looking to put in a gazebo and fire pit as well for owners to go and relax while their playful pups run around.


"We need fun stuff, we need agility stuff. We need to close the little guys from the big guys. Have it, so if nobody's around, just a bunch of big dogs then we can just open up the whole thing and let them go. Or a bunch of little dogs, open up and let them go," Little Wolf said.


Little Wolf says they're also looking to offer training tips for free for those who come to the park. 


Dog owner, Scott Miner, said that having a place close-by is convenient. 


"It's nice to have a place this close. Let the dogs run around and do some training work and let them have some fun," Miner added.


Little Wolf adds that having this space here for residents and their loyal best friends is important, for the dog's sake.


"It's important for dogs to get out. They need to socialize, they need to run off that energy. We have so many dogs that come and people are frustrated because their dog is tearing up things. They're bored... they're basically bored," Little Wolf said.


The park only has two rules:

1. Pick up after your dog

2. No aggressiveness 


The Fortuna Dog Play and Water Park can be found at 11855 S. Fortuna Road, just beside the Salvation Army Thrift Store. 

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