New guidelines for blood pressure impacting millions

New guidelines for blood pressure

Heart experts have released new recommendations when it comes to reading high blood pressure. 

The new guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology are affecting millions with high blood pressure. 

"It's a little bit different from what we're doing now," said Dr. Joseph Hogue of Yuma Regional Medical Center. "High blood pressure right now for current guidelines is 140/90 or above, so that means if we decrease the threshold for blood pressure, a lot more people will be treated for blood pressure." 

The new guideline for high blood pressure is over 130, tripling the diagnosis in men and doubling in women who are under 45. Dr. Hogue says there could be more than one factor that affects your blood pressure. 

"The most common cause for high blood pressure is actually hereditary, from generation to generation. There are also other causes for blood pressure, like organ problems, dieting, and your lifestyle. Cutting back foods with high oil or sodium can also reduce blood pressure." 

With the holidays around the corner, doctors usually see patients with increased blood pressure. For more questions about these new recommendations, YRMC encourages the community to visit their health care provider for further evaluations. 

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