New health group looking to change and save lives

Group already showing results

POYHA which stands for People Of Yuma Health Association was created by local doctors to attack health issues before they get worse. Dr. Irfan Fazil an Internal Doctor by trade has seen just how bad curtain medical conditions can get. Doctor Fazil over saw dialysis treatments for hundreds of Yuma patients and is taking this opportunity to make a major change. 

   Dr. Fazil hopes that with proper examinations and constant support patients will see results. According to Dr. Fazil POYHA patients will see results; not only in weight loss, but also in the decrease in opioid use and possibly even curing some patients diabetes. POYHA focuses on portion control as opposed to eliminating people's food choices. 

   Dr. Fazil says that in just the last four month their patients have each lost 50 lbs. If you'd like to get more information or become a POYHA member you can log onto their site   

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