New intoxication case confirmed from different Mexican beverage

Mother breaks silence after daughter drinks meth-laced soda

MEXICALI, B.C. -  A new case of intoxication from drinking a soft drink from the Pepsi company for the Manzanita Sol product in the Oty grocery store on Imperial Street in Mexicali.

Raquel Moreno, the mother of 16-year-old Deyla Yoselyn, still remembers with fright the moment when her daughter's life was at stake.

"She took a drink, then stood and started to run and I said what's wrong and we became scared. She kept saying something is wrong and I don't feel well and we just became scared but really that's what happened," said Raquel Moreno, mother of the girl intoxicated. "They asked me if they had already tested her and she had tested positive for methamphetamine. She was okay but one becomes scared for her and with the fright as a parent. You can just imagine."

The patient was quickly taken to the hospital where it was determined in the urine that the poisoning was due to the intake of liquid methamphetamine. Authorities immediately took action on the matter.

"After having tested positive for a drug, a breakdown was sent to Attorney General because it was a federal crime and we are doing the investigation regarding the intoxication or injuries that this minor may have suffered," Fernando Ramirez Amador, Deputy Attorney General Mexicali area.

Authorities stated that the product comes from Sonora and that the company Pepsi is willing to cooperate.

However, it disclaims any act of drug trafficking.

"We already know that it comes from Sonora, the point to explain is who put that drug into those sodas which is what we are working in coordination with Attorney General," said Ramirez.

This isn't the first case that has been reported. The previous case was registered in the valley of Mexicali where one person died and there were ten intoxicated in September, for which the Secretary of Health issued an alert not to consume 7Up. In August 2016, another intoxication was registered due to the Gatorade drink.

Residents feel afraid and already take their precautions.

"I am a frequent customer of the store and because of the cases that have been given if it gives some fear but then I simply refrain from consuming sodas," said Ruiz.

In the Oty grocery store, the refrigerator where the Manzanita Sol is located remains closed until today. Although Secretary of Health assured a total of 7,412 sodas. The drink remains open in supermarkets in all its presentations.

So far the Attorney General of the State is investigating to determine the cause of the liquid methamphetamine found in these bottles. 

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