New laws affecting Arizona Schools

New laws in effect at Arizona schools

Yuma,Arizona - Over 100 new laws take effect tomorrow in Arizona and some of them have to do with our students in school. 

Here are 2 laws to keep in mind when sending your children to school. 

1) HB 2134: Arizona schools, child care facilities, or children's camps will no longer require students to have a note from a parent or a prescription to us and possess sunscreen. 

2)HB 2208: If a student or adult is showing signs of respiratory distress, a school employee now has the right to administer a rescue inhaler. 

According to Yuma High School Nurse Nancy Woodhouse, she says she's never seen a parent or teacher complain about a student having sunscreen on campus. 

"I think sunscreen was probably a group of what we call over the counter medications.It's important for everybody to wear sunscreen in Arizona. I don't know how many students wear it or don't wear it, but it's in(sunscreen) a lot of cosmetic preparations and body lotions now."

Watch the full report tonight at 5/6/10 PM in the Evening Edition. 


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