New permanent dean at SDSU-IV

New Dean for SDSU-IV

CALEXICO, Calif. - Professor Gregorio Ponce recently walked across the campus of San Diego State University - Imperial Valley with a new vision in mind.

“Very excited to have this opportunity to serve,” Ponce said.

Calexico native and soft-spoken Ponce was interim dean since October 2015.

“Our priority was to get this campus ready for a permanent dean, whoever that person was going to be,” Ponce said.

This week, Ponce became the new permanent dean.

“When I walk around and I see students, I wonder to myself how I can help,” Ponce said.

His new role impacts everyone at the university.

“I also wonder how I can help our faculty and staff have the tools they need to make this experience better for our students,” Ponce said.

He thinks about the community.

“How can I better serve the needs of this county and the people of this county,” Ponce said.

He wants the campus to play a more prominent role.

Ponce said the university “is the only four-year public institution in this county. And we need to play a bigger role in helping the residents of imperial county to move forward.”

He’s thinking of a implementing a plan.

“We’re looking for connecting with our alumni, with business community, the public community, public agencies, non-profits,” Ponce said.

He has plans to evaluate current programs.

“We’re looking to see what programs to increase. I know general business is a priority,” Ponce said.

He plans to reach out to the communities countywide.

“And really listen to the community leaders within those cities and see how we can better serve their needs,” Ponce said.


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