New type of business mixer is for struggling business owners

Mixer combines business with fun

IMPERIAL, Calif. - People at the firs ever local business party mixer said you can have business with pleasure.

Local entrepreneur David Gutierrez said, “Having this good ambience helps us to get loose and be able to tell each other what we need to tell each other.”

Colorado businessman Jason Scheibel said, “It's good. It's good. It gives you an outside the business environment to connect with people.”

Business owner Ray Valenzuela said, “Socializing at the same time talking about business, most great ideas come out of these situations.”

Over a hundred people gathered at the Pentagonal Brewery in Imperial on Thursday night.

“This is an area where we can sit down and kind of talk and kind of game plan,” Valenzuela said.

The party mixer is the bold idea of two local entrepreneurs who said local businesses need a different type of think-outside-the-box mixer.

Event organizer Guillermo Salgado said, “The problem lies with the traditional chamber mixers, what exists today and historically. It's usually targeted to those business owners that are established, that can afford the membership fee, and it leaves everyone else out.”

Event organizer Eric Swain said, “Our goal is to take that and just throw it all away, break it all apart and allow anybody and everybody who has an idea, who has a small business, or has something in mind that they want to start. But they don't know who, how, what, where or why or when. They can now come to this kind of mixer.”

The party-mixers will be held once a month at different locations countywide.

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