Nunez is new Superior Court judge

Nunez is new I.C. Superior Court judge

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Forty-five-year-old Marco Nunez was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, Jr., in December to a judgeship in Imperial County Superior Court and enrobed on Friday at El Centro Courthouse.

Judge Christopher Plourd said, “He was vetted by the governor of this state and found to be exemplarily qualified to be a judge.”

Judge Nunez served four years as a public defender, and in 2006 went to serve in the District Attorney’s Office.

“Had a long and distinguished career as an attorney,” Plourd said.

He praised Nunez’s character.

“His sense of fairness is what impresses me above anything else regarding Judge Nunez,” Plourd said.

Judge Ruth Montenegro said she’s known Nunez since childhood.

“There are many challenges that await. Judge Nunez commented what would be the most difficult challenge for him and he said to stop being an advocate,” Montenegro said.

The community came out to show their support.

“He understands that the people of our community come from many desperate and various backgrounds and he wants to be fair to all people,” Montenegro said.

His colleagues said Judge Nunez must now put his impressive experience as an attorney to work not just for a few, but for everyone.

“Because that’s what we’re entrusted to do by our community,” Montenegro said.

Judge Marco Nunez fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Raymond A. Cota.

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