OC Johnson and First Things First bring first community school to Yuma

OC Johnson and First Things First bring first community school to Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. -  

Yuma County has now welcomed their first community school.


After examining the needs of families in the community they felt it was their job to put these needs in reach for a successful tomorrow.


The principal of OC Johnson Elementary School, Angela Logan said, "We need to have a community school. We need to have a place where our families can come and feel comfortable and get the resources that they need to in-turn help our students."


OC Johnson was able to bring this plan to life in just six months. Principal Logan and her staff, along with agencies made it a priority.   


"We wanted it. Our teachers wanted it, our staff wanted it, our families wanted it so we moved quickly.  The fact that everyone is committed and our agencies are on board just allowed us to head first and get going," Logan said.


The community school is made of three pillars: early childhood development, health and behavioral services and a family and community resource center. Families can come and get a check-up and even get their job resumes checked. This service is solely provided for the community of Yuma.


They believe that by investing in their community they will get better results from the children and families in Yuma.


First things First and OC Johnson have collaborated with Goodwill and Sunset Clinic to bring these services to the community: 


"Not one dollar of first things first has been used. Every agency that has been here having looked internally and has their own budget and has asked what can I do to make this a reality," said Rudy Ortiz, Regional Director of First Things First in Yuma County. 


Full story coming up at 10 p.m. on KSWT.


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