Officer accused in death of fellow officer on trial

Sanchez was extradited from Yuma jail to CA

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. - Rigoberto Sanchez was being housed at the Yuma Adult Detention Center awaiting extradition back in June; Sanchez had been hiding in Mexico after a shooting that resulted in the death of 31-year old Edwin Lima who was worked at the same correctional facility as Sanchez. After the shooting, Sanchez made his way to Mexico where it's suspected he was living in an attempt to avoid capture. It took authorities about a month to track Sanchez down and get him back stateside to stand trial. 

   According to reports, the altercation that led to the shooting was tied to a relationship between Sanchez's wife and Lima. Linda Sanchez has publicly addressed the accusations made by what she described as her estranged husband. According to Mrs. Sanchez after her husband had shot Lima, he then turned the gun on her and fired at her missing her. Rigoberto is facing murder charges along with attempted murder and burglary charges; if convicted the former corrections officer could face life in prison. 

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