Operation Chill will ticket kids doing the right thing

Police will ticket kids caught doing the right thing

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Calexico Police announced on Monday any kid caught red-handed doing the right thing will be ticketed with a free Slurpee.

Sergeant Victor Legaspi explained, “The new weapon against crime is called Operation Chill. It’s a collaboration with 7-11. We get together and go look for kids out there that are well-behaved.”

Tzuri Sanchez, Calexico 7-11 Store Manager, 168 E. Cole Boulevard, added, “This promotion is to encourage kids to do the right thing, to be good in school, to be good at home. So, they get rewarded with a free Slurpee.”

Police said minors have been involved in a recent rash of incidents from vandalism, cars attacked with rocks, even replica guns taken to schools.

“We’ve stopped quite a few of the kids that have caused some damage out there. They’ve been arrested. There’s a zero tolerance on that. Especially when someone gets hurt,” Legaspi said.

Police want to promote good behavior, so they are looking out for kids doing the right thing in the streets. Some examples were, kids holding their parents hands when crossing the street, or wearing a helmet when riding a bike.

“It all starts from a young age. That’s what i believe. If we want to make sure that our young people grow up to be good adults, they need to know the difference between good and bad, they need to be well-behaved and that’s how we all learn,” Legaspi said.

Police have 800 tickets to give out from July to December. They said Operation Chill brings police and community together.

“We want the youth out there to know that we are there. And if they have any problems or any issues – including the adults out there in the community – they can always come and talk to us for help,” Legaspi concluded.

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