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Earlier today, the traveling 9/11 memorial painting, made it's way to the El Centro fire station, where it was unveiled to local fire fighters and city officials. 

Beginning in San Diego, Wendy Mudlow, takes the memorial painting, to different fire stations where it's displayed for three months. She does it to show her support for those who responded to the call when tragedy struck the twin towers.

After hearing about the story behing the painting, the batallion chief reached our to Mudlow, who in turn said that she's "glad to see that somebody is reaching out and saying, hey we hear about this painting, and we'd like to have it at our fire department. At least I know where it should be right now."

Local resident, Joanne Weissman, who brought the painting to the attention of the battalion chief  said, the painting left her speechless, that "when she unveiled it, it kinda takes your breath away."

Trey Faubion, the battalion chief,thinks the painting will be inspirational. He said, "I think it will inspire people. It is an emotional painting, and I think its a positive inspiration of how we recovered and moving foward."

Wendy Mudlow believes what's important about the painting is that no one forgets what happened that fateful day, saying that the, "most important think, I think is that we remember and that don't forget the tragedy, and in addition we don't forget to thank our first responders."

Battalion Chief Faubion says, he hopes to display the painting at the public library and city hall so that everyone can have a chance to see the memorial painting for themselves and reflect on how far we have overcome as a nation.

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