Parade brings special memories to local man

Cattle Call Parade rounds up memories...

BRAWLEY, Calif. - A local parade honoring the cattle industry and veterans brings special memories to a local man.

The 60th Brawley Cattle Call Parade has a special meaning for a local man. Neither he nor his parents were even born when the first parade took to the streets, but, as far as Brawley resident Gil Rebollar can remember, it’s been a family tradition.

“I’ve been coming since I was a kid, and I wouldn’t miss it,” Rebollar said.

The parade is part of a week-long event organized by the Brawley Chamber of Commerce and the local Vigilantes Club that started out in 1957 as a salute to the cattle industry.

 “It’s a great event to bring out my family and all the families in Brawley and throughout the Imperial Valley,” Rebollar said.

City officials said the first event was at the local high school. It grew from there into an event recognized nationwide. Rebollar calculates over 5,000 people came out to the parade.

“See all the great agencies and organizations throughout our valley and that bring the community together,” Rebollar said.

He said he’ll be back the following year – with family in tow.

 “I now have a child who I bring. So, it’s just a family tradition to come out to the parade,” Rebollar said.

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