Parents alleging teachers bullying students are no-show at school board meeting

Parents alleging teacher mistreating...

EL CENTRO, Calif. - A large group of Calexico parents recently accused Mains Elementary School teachers of abusing students.

Parent Lilian Navarro said, “One child asked repeatedly to go to the bathroom, and she doesn't let them go. So, that child started peeing  in his bed. One, allegedly, was scratched by her.”

Noemi Castro, mother of two kids with special needs at Mains, whom she said have been bullied by teachers, said, “The principal say that everything that happens in school has to stay in school."

The parents said they were going to complain to the school board this week.

"The teacher for me is being a bully with third grade children," Navarro said.

However, during Thursday's meeting, Mains Elementary was recognized for high achievement, several students received awards, but, the parents alleging abuse by Mains teachers were a no-show.

School officials said they have no comment.


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