Paying it forward: Teddy Bears Wanted

Local group answers call

It all started when Richard Craig's granddaughter was in the hospital; a nurse walked in with a blanket and handed it to her. The nurse told Craig that all they had was blankets and normally would give a child a teddy bear, but sadly those were in short supply. Craig tells us that he took the idea to his club the Foothills Cruisers and proposed a car show. Three years later, the show has grown and the public has responded by donated not only stuffed animals but monetary donations which in turn are used to by stuffed animals. 

   Now, you may just think that these toys are just that; but, these toys may very well be one of the most important tools used by our medical staff, victims advocates and even our law enforcement. See, when a child is in distress, be it an upcoming surgery, being removed from their home or after an accident these small trinkets help them cope, lessening the scar the event will leave behind. 

   On Saturday February 3rd from 10 am until 4 pm cars will be on display at the Sear parking lot on the corner of 4th Avenue and 32nd Street. The cruisers are calling on the public to help them by donating a stuffed animal or money which ever is easier. 

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