PET TALK: Meet "Blackthorne" and "Alora"

Alora and Blackthorne

YUMA, Ariz. - It's the start of a brand new week and that means we're bringing you a brand new 'Pet Talk.' 

Tonight we meet a calico cat named Alora and a super friendly loving lab mix dog named Blackthorne.
First up is Alora. A Black, White and Orange calico cat that is longing to find her forever family. A bit shy, Alora was found as a stray in Yuma. She's around 2 years old and seems to get along with other cats, which is a major plus especially if you have other felines in your household. She's not too big on being held, but she likes to do her own thing by walking around and checking out the space around her. She is spayed and has been at the shelter since mid July. 
Next we have Blackthorne. Quite a name for quite a dog. Blackthorne arrived at the shelter in early July after being found in Yuma as a stray. He is a Labrador Retriever mix that weights a solid 62 pounds. He is the type of dog that just wants to be around you. He loves people and craves attention, however he's not needy and can handle being alone, which is an unlikely paring, but that's what makes him so great. He is an older fella around 8 years old, but he still has a lot of energy in him. He loves to go for walks, particularly when treats are involved. 
If you are interested in Alora or Blackthorne, you can call the Humane Society of Yuma at (928) 782-1621. They are open Tuesday through Sunday and for more details you can head to Madison Kimbro's facebook page @Madisonkyma



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