Pet Talk: Meet Mama Gem and Whitey

Meet Gem and Whitey

IMPERIAL VALLEY, Calif. - In a brand new pet talk, we meet a gray and white pit bull named Mama Gem and a snow white cat named Whitey. All available for adoption at the Humane Society of imperial County.

First up is Mama Gem. She recently had a litter of puppies all named after different gem stones and now that all of her puppies got adopted, it's time that she finally find her forever home! She is such a loving girl and tends to act like a pup herself. Gem is great, because while she is an active dog, she doesn't mind quiet time by laying on the couch. She's great with kids and gets along with other dogs her size or larger. Gem is estimated to be five years old and she arrived at the shelter back in September. 

Next we have, Whitey. A snow white cat that is estimated to be about six or seven years old. Whitey is a chill cat as his most active years are behind him. This guy enjoys being held and just being by your side. He has a great temperament and seems to do really well with other cats. if you've been looking to adopt a cat, Whitey would be a great addition to your family. Meet him today. He has been at the shelter for eight months. 

If you are interested in either Mama Gem or Whitey, please call the Humane Society of Imperial County at (760) 352-1911. They are open Tuesday through Saturday. You can also email then at 

*NEW* to Pet Talk, what we like to call our "Furry Feature." If you see an animal featured on our segment and you end up adopting them, we want to know about it so send your story to Madison Kimbro's facebook page @Madisonkyma. Your pic could make it's own Pet Talk debut. 


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