PET TALK: Meet Mongoose and Hopalong

PET TALK: Meet "Mongoose" and "Hopalong"

YUMA, Ariz. - In Tonight’s PET TALK, we meet two senior animals. A White tabby cat named Mongoose and an American Pitbull mix named Hopalong. 

First up is Mongoose. He is a white tabby cat that was found roaming the streets of Yuma. He is around 7 years old and it wasn't until he was rescued by animal control that they found that he had been shot by a BB gun. They found two BB Pellets left in his side. Luckily the pellets haven't seem to bother him and doctors say it would do more harm than good to remove them. For such a hard life, it’s amazing how trusting Mongoose is. He's the type that once he's found his human, he will be devoted to them forever. A bit timid at first, he loves to be rubbed. With his beautiful white coat and striking blue eyes he would make for a gentle and lovable companion.

Next we have Hopalong and the name says it all. Hopalong is an American Pitbull mix that is said to be around 8 years old. He was originally found off of Gila ridge road in Yuma, where an onlooker said he had been hit by a car. He was severely malnourished and had a shattered pelvis. His right hip is now displaced and that is why he "hops". For such a devastating background, it is amazing that Hopalong is here with us today. He now weighs around 40 to 50 pounds and gets along with other dogs, however he can be selective. It is important that whoever adopts Hopalong, has a calm and quiet lifestyle with a yard where he can roam. He would make a great companion for a couple or a single individual. 

If you are interested in either Mongoose or Hopalong, you can call The Humane Society of Yuma at (928) 782-1621. They are open Tuesday through Saturday. Please make sure to give them the animals name and where you heard about them. For weekly updates on PET TALK and pictures of these lovable animals, you can head to Madison Kimbro’s facebook page @MADISONKECY.


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