Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District partners with Rady Children's-San Diego

Management agreement signed for NICU units


BRAWLEY, Calif. - Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District signed a management agreement with Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego this morning.

Rady Children’s will staff a medical director and nursing leader to help manage the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units at Pioneers Memorial Hospital.

We spoke to some of the new partners and asked if this was the first step to possibly bringing a children’s hospital to Imperial County.

 “Both hospitals are about what’s best for kids. What we did was we have the physician leadership here that’s now in the medical staff at both places, so that allows for sharing of best practices, policies, procedures and access to the pediatric subspecialist 24/7 that we have a Rady Children’s,” said Gail Knight, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Rady Children’s.

Another benefit to the agreement is the coverage outside of the Imperial Valley.

Scripps Health have established clinical partnerships to support patients and their families that need to access care in San Diego.

 “I have twin daughters that are 27 months and were born at Rady’s. They were NICU for a bit and so when I speak about Rady’s I know first-hand about the quality of care and the caring touch, the great people, and this is going to be a tremendous long term relationship. The benefits to the entire imperial valley and beyond are incredible for ages to come,” said Jeff Klicka, Board of Directors President, Pioneers Memorial Hospital.

Reporter Nico Payne: “Is this a possible stepping stone to bringing a children's hospital to Imperial County?”

 “Well this is when it’s about resources and limited resources for all the different subspecialist that are involved and about the more you do of something the better you are,” answered Knight.

We did not get an exact answer to if we will get a children's hospital or not but definitely a step in the right direction for patients. For more information on the new affiliation agreement you can head to

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