PMHD celebrates 'Real Superheroes Wear Pink' announces new technology to come


BRAWLEY, Calif. - Over 3.3 million breast cancer survivors are alive in the United States today and Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District is recognizing some of those survivors at “Real Superheroes Wear Pink.”


Hospital officials also announced new technology that will help screen and detect breast cancer.


The breast cancer awareness event was held in Brawley from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in attendance were local organizations offering education and support.


“It’s not a death sentence, okay. It’s not a death sentence anymore because of the technology and the resources and everything that is available now, we didn't have it in the past,” said Rita Cortez, two-time breast cancer survivor.


People were also able to sign up for mammogram screenings on site. 


“Mammograms are essential for the early detection of breast cancer, women should start getting them, baseline at forty, if they have family history of breast cancer, thirty-five,” explained Ashley Preciado, Mammography Technologist at Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District.


Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District staff also announced new technology that will be available to patients with within the next year.


“We're actually bringing in what's called Tomosynthesis to our breast imaging center at Pioneers. It’s a much more sensitive way for detecting cancers that will help us screen the population here in the Imperial Valley better,” said George Rapp, MD, Vascular and Interventional Radiologist at Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District.


In traditional mammograms, overlaps and cancers can hide; Senographe Pristina with 3D improves clarity in mammograms.


Health specialists say self-breast exams can begin around your early twenties and should be conducted monthly.


“There is support group meetings at different areas, and we have ours here with Imperial Valley Cancer Support Group and it’s every third Tuesday of the month. And you're more than welcome to come,” added Cortez.


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