Police are looking for three suspects in hate crime

Police are looking for three suspects in hate crime

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Calexico Police said two incidents of vandalism might be related and they are treating them as hate crimes. The first one was reported Friday morning at Vincent Memorial High School.

Officer Shaun Sundahl said, “two cars pull up to the high school. There was a darker colored one and a lighter colored one. Three males come out. They start throwing eggs at the campus. They also throw toilet paper at the campus.”

The suspects were caught on camera. Cars were vandalized as well.

“These people are caught on camera. We don’t know who they are right now. But we’re working on fixing that problem,” Sundahl said.
The second incident on the same day was against a Vincent Memorial High School student’s car outside his home.

“There was eggs all over the truck. There were the words, go back to Mexico. Trump is getting rid of DACA – that’s the child deferment program. And there was a hash tag that says keep Calecia a better place. And on the hood of the car was an inscription one-two-three, and there was also a design of a male organ on it,” Sundahl said.

Police said the suspects might think the high school and the victim might be involved in DACA.

“This is a serious hate crime. Because of the political motivation, the student’s affiliation with the school and a misperceived illegal alien status that classifies it as a hate crime and that’s a felony,”  Sundahl said.

The victim is not a DACA participant.

“He speaks fluid English, speaks very little Spanish, and he was born in the united states,” Sundahl said.

Calexico Police encourage anyone with information on this case to contact them.


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