Police ticket for hands free law

YUMA, Ariz. - After enacting the Hands Free Law in Yuma police pulled over 357 drivers in 2016. Among those drivers only half of them were ticketed.  Those fines ranging from $100 to $200 if using your phone resulted in an accident.  Although Arizona doesn't have a hands free law, Yuma police hope this law will make streets safer.

"It causes a lot of rear end accidents with people on their phones when they're not supposed to be," says Sgt. Lori Franklin with Y.P.D.

So far this year Y.P.D. has made 33 stops after catching drivers using their phones while driving. Those stops all could have been avoided if drivers used hands free devices.

"With a blue tooth you can absolutely talk hands free with a Bluetooth but you can't have your phone in your hands," says Franklin.

We spoke with drivers who all agreed the law was for their safety all though some admitted to being guilty of using their phones.

"I'm from Alberta, Canada and that's been the law there for a few years. We know that distracted driving is actually the number one cause of injury accidents. So we think it's a good idea now this distracted driving law," Former Canadian Police Officer Ian McKnight says.

Another driver we talked to says she has noticed people still using their phones. We asked her if she thought the law was beneficial.

"I sure do because it's a lot safer," Yuma resident Chele Hammons said.

Franklin says Y.P.D. gave a lot of warnings the first year to get drivers used to the new law but that this year if they see you they will pull you over.

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