Police will ticket unsafe drivers around school areas

Calexico Police are warning the public they’re going to increase patrolling around school areas.

Police will be ticketing anyone driving unsafely, making illegal U-turns, double parking, parking where they shouldn’t be parking or blocking driveways. Citations could go from $30 to $400 dollars or more. Police urge the public to obey traffic laws, to leave home early to avoid being in a rush, and not to use cell phones while driving. Authorities are targeting specific times during the day they say have the most traffic problems.

Officer Shaun Sundahl said, “(They’ll be) beefing up the patrols in that area. We are going to enforce all the laws in that area, especially the parking violations and the no U-turn violations as well. Specific issues that we’re having is before school, during recess, specifically the lunch period and when school’s let out.”

The traffic enforcement will run from now till the end of the year.


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