Colorado River Tea Party hosts 'Support America First' rally

YUMA, Ariz. -
The Colorado River Tea Party held a rally Saturday afternoon at Joe Henry Park to showcase their support for current President Donald Trump.

State Representatives Don Shooter, Penny Pew, and Paul Gosar circulated petitions to run for office next year. Attendees were encouraged to bring flags and signs to show their support for the President.

"The tea party is exactly the same as it was when it started," stated Connie Uribe, former Chairman of the Tea Party. "It's for less government infiltration through private life and it's for lowering taxes. It's for allowing people to live in this country and to give us our rights under our Constitution. We want everyone to know that Trump is making America great again and we are here just supporting and celebrating how great America is becoming under Trump's administration.

Current Chairman, Sally Kizer, added that the Colorado River Tea Party welcomes anyone who shares their same vision for America. 

For more information you can visit their website at coloradoriverteaparty.org.


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