Decision 2017 Candidate Profile: Ken Rosevear

Candidate Profile Ken Rosevear

YUMA, Ariz. - The City of Yuma is gearing up for its upcoming primary election, so News 11 is helping you get ready for the election with individual profiles on each candidate. 

Ken Rosevear is running for City Council for the very first time, but he's still bringing almost 20 years of experience to the ballot. 


Ken Rosevear served as the Executive Director of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce for 16 years before retiring a couple of years ago. Since then Rosevear says he's still remained active in the community—attending countless city council meetings and pushing issues that he says are important to the city, while also speaking against things that won't benefit Yuma businesses.


Stay with us on News 11 as we continue to profile candidates leading up to The City of Yuma's Primary Election on August 29.

As a reminder, voters who registered to vote by August 1 are eligible for early voting—early ballots can be requested by completing a Request for Early Ballot form or by contacting the Yuma County Recorder's Office. 

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