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Free fitness day with the Positive...

YUMA, Ariz. - This week's Bright Side story is on Yuma's very own Positive Vibe Tribe.


One group of women is seeking to inspire others and help you reach that fitness goal you made at the beginning of the year.


Sarah Nelson hosts one free workout every month at the Foothills Library as a way for ladies to connect with the community, feel supported and have fun getting fit. They call themselves the Positive Vibe Tribe. 


“The positive vibe tribe is my crew, they are my people, they are women just working on becoming better every day," Nelson said. "We’re not about perfection, we are a tribe of real people ... most of us are mamas striving to be better every day,” she added.


Nelson said the group emphasizes on positivity and personal development, helping people realize that it's okay to take care of yourself first.


“I’m telling you that when you put on your own oxygen mask first and you take care for yourself first, you are better for your family," she said. "It’s really selfish to not take care of you and our tribe is really just about starting where you are, it’s not about you needing to get in better shape before you start or waiting to get it figure it out because we never do," she added. "We're always evolving and we’re always growing and we’re always figuring it out and there is support in our community, in our tribe so everybody is welcome and I’m super passionate about that,” she said.


The come as you are mentality is more than welcomed with the Positive Vibe Tribe. Many of the moms brings their kids with them to the free fitness day.


“I thought today was fun it was my first time and I got to meet a lot of new ladies that are local here so I made a lot of new friends and I really encourage you ladies to come out next time and work that body!” Ivy Andrade, who attended the fitness day told News 11.


The next free workout is February 20 at noon at the Foothills Library.


Contact Sarah Nelson through her social media @SarahNelsonHealthandFitness for more information



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