President Trump visits MCAS gets insight on border security

President Trumps visit to Yuma

YUMA,Ariz - President Donald Trump visited the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma on Tuesday. The President arrived at MCAS Yuma a little before two in the afternoon on Tuesday. He greeted Marines and stayed on base to get a look at the equipment used to secure the Yuma Sector Border. 

During his visit, he met with Border Patrol and ICE. His main focus was to get insight on how we keep the Yuma Sector Border Secure with our current infrastructure.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Johnathan Lines was also in attendance. Lines extended the invite to the President and has been a big proponent of the presidents visit. In an interview with 13 On Your Side Lines said President Trump plans to follow through on his campaign promise of building a wall.

"I know that I've been able to share different elements about the wall but he's got great advisors on the ground," said Lines Tuesday.

President Trump is working to fulfill his campaign promise of securing our borders with a border wall. The President has said many times that he believes a border wall will keep America safe by keeping criminals and drugs out.

His opponents say otherwise, saying the wall is just another cost added for tax payers. Many world leaders have even spoke out to say it's the answer and that we should be building bridges. In July the House approved a bill for $1.6 billion to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico border.


Protesters also gathered at the Yuma County Fair as well as President Trump's supporters. We spoke with local law enforcement who said the protestors and supporters were peaceful.

"We come here for peace not for hate," said one Trump supporter.

"We need the immigrants...Without the immigrants we are nothing," said one protestor.

That's what's concerning a lot of the migrant workers who help our three billion dollar Ag industry that supports Yuma's economy. Especially after the RAISE Act which would make it harder for immigrants to obtain green cards.

"It's incredibly important that we continue to look for a solution to find immigration resolution," said Lines.

As it stands now Congress remains in recess until after Labor Day. For now Republican supporters are working to help the President  rally for more support.


This comes after his once popular Latino vote in Yuma County has taken a hit with his approval poles sliding to around 41.8% according to Highgrounds Public Affairs new statewide poll.

At the rally in Phoenix President Trump continued to tell supporters, "We are going to build a wall."

It's still unknown if the new border wall will replace the existing infrastructure or just add to it.

The current border fencing in Yuma was installed in 2006 during George W. Bush's time in office.

In 2005, Yuma Sector Border Patrol documented more than 138,000 arrests for illegal entries. Just last year that number dropped to only around 14,000 arrests for illegal entries. 

Currently, we have six different types of infrastructure in the Yuma Sector which stretches over 126 miles. Among those different types of fences is landing mat and chain link fencing.

Different contractors have submitted requests to build a border wall.

Among those proto-types a wall with solar panels. In July, President Trump said at a rally it may just be that.





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