President Trump visits MCAS Yuma before Phoenix

Trump Visits Yuma

Yuma, AZ - From Washington D.C. To Yuma county this is his first visit to the state since he was elected back in November.

President Donald Trump arrived to Marine Corps Air Station early afternoon on Tuesday to take a tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection equipment and have a meet a greet with dozens of marines.

President Trump has recently been visiting states where he has strong support. Specifically in Yuma, unlike the majority of border counties, Yuma county voted for president Trump, who won the county by a percentage point according to the registrar.

Jonathan Lines, chairman of the Arizona Republican party and a Yuma businessman was a proponent to the president's visit.

“I extended the invitation and I provided a lot of the back drop as far as what they could accomplish while they were here looking at MCAS Yuma, YPG, and looking at the asset that we have here on the border. As well as the wall," said Lines.

Back in December the New York Times published an article saying "president Trump’s pledge to create more jobs and increase opportunities persuaded Latinos in this majority-minority city to vote for him."

Lines says for the past few years the Latino vote had been the Arizona Republican party’s focus.

"We have been focusing on the Latino vote in Yuma, Arizona for the last three or four years. Focusing on that base, focusing on the family values, the things that bring us together, and that’s been our message," said lines. 


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