Preview:Yuma County Fair celebrates 65 years of tradition

Yuma County Fair Preview

Yuma,Arizona - The food,rides,and the fun are back! The Yuma County Fair celebrates 65 years of fun. 

General Manager Eric Wofford says the fair is changing every year with something to see for everyone.

"Every year it seems like we change a lot of the entertainment, there's different food vendors all the time, different family entertainment so we kind of change and make it different so there's something to come look at." 

Over 65,000 fair goers attend the fair every year. Feeding the inner "foodie" in line for the famous fair cinnamon  buns or taking their adrenaline to new heights on rides like the "Freak Out." Wofford says guests can definitely expect the classic rides with a few new additions, but the food menu is a little different. 

"Oh my gosh oh yeah the freak out, the zipper, the Gravitron, those are some of the big rides, of course the Ferris wheel.This year on our food we have our Sonoran wrap bacon hotdog, of course the cinnamon buns, corn dogs, turkey legs,funnel cakes,and all the normal foods you see at the fair." 

As the fair celebrates their milestone being the biggest event in Yuma County, they hope to expand and grow in the near future.

"I think maybe growing potentially from six days to maybe ten days? Maybe the future growth of the fair?Obviously we have ton of interim events that need support and that's what helps keeps us operating."

The Yuma County Fair opens tomorrow with a special discount on general admission at $2.

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