Raul Grijalva reintroducing Border Security and Accountability Act

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Congressman Raul Grijalva reintroduces the Border Security and Accountability Act, a detailed approach to border security that places the needs of Borderlands communities at the center of all security efforts.

The 2017 Act sets a humane and accountable border security strategy, modernizes border infrastructure, increases personnel at Ports of Entry, and protects the unique ecosystems of the Borderlands.

The Act comes as the House of Representatives is considering a package of security appropriation bills that include border wall funding.


“The false narrative propagated by President Trump and Republicans that border security is only achieved through militarization must stop” Rep. Grijalva said. “As we have witnessed time and time again, continuing to build walls, mobilize border patrol agents, and installing costly equipment has created more problems than have been solved. A comprehensive and sensible approach to border security spans well beyond only walls and militarization, and it begins with taking into account the needs of the more than 197 million people who call the border region home. “ 

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