REACH renews contract with hospital

Emergency air services provider...

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Community members had crowded the previous El Centro Regional Medical Center's Hospital Board meeting, concerned about the possible contract ending with REACH Air Medical Services. Those fears ended on Tuesday night.

REACH Business Development Director Donnie Wharton said, “We are absolutely thrilled with the announcement. Full execution of a renewed agreement with reach air medical services.”

The hospital had objected to the word “exclusive” in the previous contract.

“When that language does appear, even if it's a few times, a few words, those types of things need to be cleaned up,” Wharton said.
The new contract is more flexible.

“It still provides reach the assurance of that first call, the first right-of-refusal, so that our service can respond first. And then, certainly, if our resources are encumbered, or unavailable, allows El Centro Regional Medical Center to go to a potentially another provider,” Wharton.

Officials from both parties called it a win-win.

ECRMC CEO Dr. Adolphe Edward said, “Working with REACH legal counsel we were able to remove any exclusivity from the contract, which allow us to actually move forward. And, I'm delighted to let you know that the contract has been signed and that will continue our service with the community as joint partners for the next, I hope, 60 years as we exist.”

Wharton said their resources are invaluable to the community.

“Two full-time helicopters that are at the ready 24 hours a day, 365 a year. Including in the Yuma area, where our sister company has three additional aircraft,” Wharton said.


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