Resident rushed to hospital after being overcome with propane

YUMA, Ariz. - A Yuma man is recovering after being overcome by propane. According to Rural Metro Fire Department, a 911 call came in Saturday evening in from the resident. The man stated that he was overcome by propane. 

The man was taken to YRMC Emergency by ambulance, while firefighters secured the propane tank and ventilated the house. "We had to make sure the house was safe and completely clear of all propane" says Charly McMurdie Rural Metro Fire Department Public Information officer.

Yuma County Sheriff's Office was also on scene and assisted.

"Please remember to use your propane tanks in a safe well-ventilated area" continues McMurdie. "Do not use them indoors, they are designed to be used outdoors.  If you catch yourself in a situation like this homeowner did, call 911 and get help as soon as possible. Gas is deadly. These types of calls are scary for everyone involved."

According to officials, the homeowner has a dog. The dog is unhumarmed.

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