Rural Metro Fire responds to Hwy 95 crash; Caution drivers to slow down

Highway 95 Accident

YUMA, Ariz. - An accident on Highway 95 sent two people to the hospital on Tuesday. 

According to Rural Metro Fire Department, crews responded to a vehicle versus semi-truck collision on Highway 95. 
The two people in the car were extricated from the vehicle and transported to the Yuma Regional Medical Center where they were treated for serious injuries. 
According to officials, the cause of the accident is unknown.
However, Charly McMurdie with the Rural Metro Fire Department said accidents on the particular highway happen frequently. 
"Unfortunately we see bad accidents on that road for a lot of different reasons," McMurdie said. 
Moreover, McMurdie said the collision is one example of how quickly accidents can occur and a reflection of how soon a distraction can lead to dire consequences. 
"Pay attention to speeds, pay attention to distance," McMurdie said. "If you see a vehicle coming and you're making a left of right-turn, don't try and beat that vehicle. Just wait a couple extra seconds and let the vehicle pass. But never race a vehicle, bad things can happen." 

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