San Diego ACLU repsonds

San Diego ACLU responds

Senator Kamala Davis is one of the many politicians to request information on why I.C.E has detained an increasing amount of pregnant women in their I.C.E. detention facilities.

We spoke to a representative form the San Diego ACLU, who were one of the first to condemn the policy change made by I.C.E.

Emeralda Flores, who specializes in Immigrant rights and binational affairs agrees with what the politiicians are doing and said, "it's a step in the right direction obviously. Our criminal system and our immigration detention system need a lot of changes to make it more humane, to make it transparent and more efficient. So I think it's a step in the right direction."

Flores also says that the immigration system has proven over and over again, it's not capable of handling the needs of populations that needs physical and medical attention. It's been reported that over five hundred pregnant women have been detained by I.C.E. since December 2017.

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