San Diego's Latino Film Festival celebrates the diversity in the Latino Culture

San Diego's Latino Film Festival...

San Diego,California. - The 24th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival premiered over the weekend with over one hundred movies to watch celebrating the diversity in the Latino culture.

The festival brings over 20,000 people average every year from different areas of Southern California, including Baja California.

"Everything is fabulous a lot of famous people and there are very good movies."

"It's awesome, it's amazing there's so many people, so many famous people that I have never met."

The films until March 24th on six different screens at the AMC theater in Fashion Valley Mall.

Latino Celebrities like Comedian Paul Rodriguez, Actor Hector Jimenez and La Vóz Star Reegeeo Guiterrez, were in all in attendance on opening night sharing their experience working on their film.

Guiterrez describes the one of the films "Ruta Madre"..."it's about finding yourself....finding your roots as a Mexican citizen that lives in America, you have to see this movie-it's just amazing."

Jimenez says he grew up watching the film festival grow within the years.

"I grew up in Tijuana before I became an actor, but I love the festival-t's a lot of effort."

Besides the glitz and glam of Hollywood, it's really the community that's kept the festival alive for twenty four years.Founder Ethan Von Thillo says it would'nt be possible without the help from the community and volunteers.

"The people that have helped throughout the years,over 1000 people volunteers have helped helped make this film festival happen every year." 

For a full list of the schedule click here.

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