San Luis names new acting police chief

San Luis, AZ - San Luis Police Chief Craig Higgins is leaving his position and will stop his day-to-day duties immediately before the Fourth of July Freedom Celebration, one of the biggest events for San Luis law enforcement all year.

City spokeswoman Laura Herrera confirmed the departure in a statement that said Higgins’ last day was on Thursday, June 22.

Five days from his departure, San Luis city administration was allowed to exercise there power and appoint a new top cop, replacing the police chief with a police detective within the department.

“City administration appoints acting chief of police Richard Jessup. We would like to thank Mr. Higgins for his service to the City and wish him all the best,” the city spokeswoman released in her statement.

Higgins had been serving as the City of San Luis Police Chief since he was formally appointed in February 2016.

New’s 11 reached out to council and former Police Chief in regards to the reasons behind his departure. We have yet to receive there response. 

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