San Luis native speaks on school protests in Oklahoma

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Tulsa, OK. - Teacher protests continue in Oklahoma and across the country as educators advocate for pay raises and more funding for state agencies.

Carmen Oroz is a San Luis, Ariz. native who is now a third-grade teacher in Tulsa, OK.

She's been a part of the protests since Monday, rallying with thousands of teachers, demanding higher wages and more money for education funding.

She said one job is not enough and hopes the legislature changes their mind soon before school is out for another week.

Carmen Oroz said, "It's just very challenging to learn with the few resources we have...some people also work multiple jobs. I myself work three jobs and I am not the only one."

Oroz is just one of the thousands of teachers that work more than one job to make ends meet.

"So I work my full-time teaching job, I also teach online and I deliver groceries to people," Oroz added. 

Just last week, the Oklahoma state legislature approved a raise for the first time in 10 years giving teachers about $6,000 more a year, but educators demand more.

"Specifically for elementary schools, class manipulative for math for English, the students learn hands-on and we don't have those resources. We don't have the funds to go out and buy those things. A lot of teachers have to put in from their own pocket, their own paycheck and what we're asking is for funding to be consistent and to be there for the days to come."

Arizona, Kentucky and West Virginia are in the same boat, but some schools could be closed until the legislature comes to a decision. 

Though school is out, some students are still preparing for state testing at local churches and YMCA's who are helping the communities by providing tutors. 

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