Schools take cover for the nationwide Shake Out

YUMA, Ariz. - Students across Yuma County took cover for the next big "shake up" to hit our area. 
Yuma Union High School District took part of the nationwide "ShakeOut", to prepare students and staff for the next big earthquake. The practice is used for the next earthquake if it were to happen during school hours. Students are instructed to drop under their desk, take cover, and hold on as if tables, computers, and objects on the wall were shaking for a period of time. 
"You should always have a plan. What if, what if, and pray that it doesn't happen," said Tish Malone, a math teacher at Yuma High School. "If it does happen, you want to be able to guide people to safety." 
The earthquake drill is a regular practice every school year, but with recent natural disasters and being so close to California's faults, an exercise like this is a reminder how to stay safe in any situation. 
"I think that having earthquake drills are kind of necessary," said high school senior Jessica. "We could still always prepare ourselves."

Malone added that students being aware of what to do in any situation is a top priority of hers.
"Be a leader, protect yourself, think ahead, think of what will you do in any situation, not just this, but in ANY emergency. For me it's really about teaching the kids, plan for the worst and hopefully, you never have to use it." 
For more information on the next "ShakeOut" or how to be apart of the program click here.

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