Search for Coachella Valley missing couple extended to the Desert Southwest

Search for missing couple extended to...

Yuma, AZ - The search for a missing Coachella Valley couple is now being extended to the Desert Southwest.

26-year-old audrey Moran and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Jonathan Reynoso were last seen on may 10th. Audrey's parents spoke about the missing couple and our extremely concerned now after twenty seven days without any sort of contact they are actively searching.

“it’s been terrible. I mean it’s like I said before everyday it seems like it’s getting a little worse because its twenty seven days now you know and we expected to hear something but as of now there’s nothing,” said her mother Maria Moran.

Maria Moran recalls the day her daughter, Audrey Moran and Jonathan Reynoso were reported missing.

“I had lunch with my daughter she continued to tell me that she’s been calling audrey and texting her but she wasn’t responding. So after that I kind of got worried also and I tried texting and there was no response,” said maria Moran. “I tried the whole day it just seemed to have gone and really we tried the on-star emergency calls and that was Friday morning like at two in the morning.” 

Audrey's dad along with friends this past weekend travelled from the Coachella Valley to the Desert Southwest and placed over 900 missing flyers.

They posted flyers all over town,on city buses, and near the border crossings that include Algodones, MX and San Luis, MX hoping to spread the message.

“You know that message is finding Audrey Moran and Jonathan Reynoso. As much as we can get help what we need we need the support we need the reaching out to any one that they know is out there,” said Moran. 

As the family continues there search, they are hopeful and optimistic that there is a simple explanation to there disappearance and that they will soon hear from the couple.

“My husband came back in a really good mood that day he felt really good that the people in Arizona were just treating us so nicely. They excepted the flyer no questions asked you know and they started posting them and they were actually leaving several with them,” Moran told news 11’s Esmeralda Cisneros. “Also and my message to them is that if they can help if they can look around because I know that many people when they walk into places they tend not to look at what or who is in front of us. I just want them to be more vigilant that there actually looking at faces when they walk in.”

Audrey's mom says her daughters SUV was found in Beaumont, CA in working condition two days after the couples disappearance. Police say while searching Audrey's vehicle they found no sign of foul play. 

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