Senator Ben Hueso and committee try to improve public health in border region

Improving health in border region

Here at the Farm Credit AG Center, where State Senator Ben Hueso and Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia along with the select committee on California Mexico cooperation, held a hearing on improving public health in the border region.

Senator Hueso said, "we want people to be healthy. And we need to write the right strategies to insure
that we target the biggest problems the people of Imperial County and San Diego county. The border region."

The senator believes hearings like these, will shape positive outcomes and improve the quality of life along the border. "Well I hope that our presence here calls attention to this issue. But we hope that this issue will also make sure that the state is doing a better job at providing these services. Ultimately our goal is to maximize the delivery of these benefits to the community."

The senator also says this is an opportunity for community members of the Imperial Valley to voice their opinions and suggestions in identifying health needs. "I hope that we listen to them. I hope that we have an opportunity to hear about what their needs are. An opportunity for us to have an exchange of information." 

The hearing will help both nations find a common goal and ways to maximize resources to provide a healthier future in the border region.

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