Seniors flash mob at local mall

Seniors flash mob at Imperial Valley...

EL CENTRO, Calif. - A 92-year-old senior and members of Zumba clubs countywide flash mobbed at the Imperial Valley Mall on Saturday afternoon.

Brawley Zumba Instructor Maria Sonico said dancing keeps them alive and happy.

“I’ve got a couple ladies that their diabetes has actually improved. And that’s because of the impact that we do, the dancing,” Sonico said.

She explained what Zumba is.

“It’s just a form of dancing and getting that cardio going. And it’s really fun with the ladies. We have a ball!” Sonico said.

She said exercise is key to a senior’s wellbeing.

“To stay well, to stay healthy you need to stay moving. And what a better way to do it than by doing Zumba? And dancing. Cumbias. Who doesn’t love a cumbia? Who doesn’t like salsa?” Sonico said.

She explained that Zumba can be done depending on a person’s ability.

“a lot of them have bad knees. They have bad hips. If you have limitations with maybe not being able to jump up and down like the rest of us, you get the opportunity with Zumba Sentao to sit down and do that exercise,” Sonico said.

She speaks of Zumba’s benefits from personal experience.

“I started doing Zumba and ten years later I dropped the weight, my heart rate has improved tremendously. I’m not a diabetic anymore,” Sonico said.

She said anyone who is the Zumba program has time to feel lonely or isolated.

“No. Not at all. I think you’ll see that if you talk to some of the ladies. They really like it. It keeps them busy – keeps them young,” Sonico said.

Sonico feels especially proud of 92-year-old Maria Rita Zazueta who, along with the others, gave it all she had on Saturday.

“She has more vim and vigor than I would say the other ones, the younger ones,” Sonico said.

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