Shake and Wake owner seeks public's help to identify thief


EL CENTRO, Calif. - A local business in El Centro had security cameras stolen earlier this week and now they are seeking the public's help to identify the suspect.

The robbery took place at 2:40 a.m. Tuesday morning but unfortunately for the suspect, a video was sent directly to the business owner's phone.

“It was two cameras, two cameras each on opposite sides, one right there and the other on the opposite side,” said Jesus Ruvalcaba, Owner of Shake & Wake Smoothies.

Ruvalcaba says during his morning routine at Shake & Wake he saw wires hanging from the building and noticed both security cameras missing. 

Thankfully the same cameras that were stolen were able to capture footage of the crook before the theft.

“Our cameras, they can detect motion. So once the subject was walking towards the camera, it took a twenty-second clip of it,” explained Ruvalcaba.

Ruvalcaba shared the video with us in hopes that it may help give police some leads.

“He was skinny, he had a sweater on, he had a, he kind of had like a, it looked like a sock over his head,” added Ruvalcaba.

We’re also told that the suspect was not wearing any shoes, the owner suspects that that was done on purpose as to not leave any shoe prints behind.

“The theft of the cameras is classified as a misdemeanor and he can be faced with court fines and up to two years in prison,” said Moises Murillo, Community Service Officer with El Centro Police Department. 

But still we’re faced with the question of; why would someone still cameras in the first place?

“Those cameras, you can’t even use them anywhere else, they’re Vivant. They are specifically for the system that I have, the Vivant system. So honestly I really don't understand why that person would take it,” said Rubalcava. 

El Centro Police is asking anyone with any information to please contact them. If you would like to remain anonymous you can visit

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