Shoes for Calexico homeless

Shoes for the Homeless

CALEXICO, Calif. - Molina Healthcare official Diana Peacher said there’s an unfortunate fact about the area.

“Wherever we go in imperial county the homeless are there,” Peacher said.

MH partnered for the first time with Calexico Brown Bag Coalition and gave food and shoes to the homeless on Wednesday at 7:30 at the parking lot of 3rd and Heber Street.

“Tonight, we will be giving away those shoes to anyone who needs them,” Peacher said.

Coalition founder Maribel Padilla said it’s a special day.

“Today is National Shoe the World Day,” Padilla said.

Shoes for men, women and children, of all sizes and colors.

“Usually the shoes is what the homeless need. They lose them. They’re usually using old shoes, so they wear out really easily because they’re always walking,” Padilla said.

Soon the weather will become warmer.

“So, they can’t go around barefoot or in chanclas or anything like that,” Padilla said.

The homeless population is increasing.

“The valley having a 1,174, something like that, which Calexico has about 230,” Padilla said.

“We used to feed 35 people, now we’re seeing fifty at a time.”

They registered the homeless to keep track of them.

“So, we can have the information of their next of kin. Because, as you know, they die in the streets and nobody knows who they are,” Padilla said.

People can donate to their efforts by contacting them on Facebook.

“Bringing awareness to the homeless plight,” Padilla said.

Padilla said feet were made for walking…with shoes on.

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