SLRC Getting more eyes in the skies

Upgrade to help curve crime

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, Sonora - According to La Cronica, the City of San Luis Rio Colorado has just announced a new project aimed to upgrade their existing monitoring system 

Called the silent witness, it has become vital to police, not only in preventing crime but also to prosecute criminals. Cameras have been around for decades and with the passing years, technology has grown, giving law enforcement a key tool to fight crime. 

The City of San Luis Rio Colorado announced an upgrade to their existing system. Currently, the city monitors 17 cameras that are placed along major roadways and businesses.

That system coming soon will be upgraded to 153 high-resolution cameras.

These cameras will be placed in areas where crime has increased and will be monitored in a new state-of-the-art control room where a technician will observe and report any suspicious activities to dispatch. 

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